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Executive Master of Business Administration
Healthcare Management


At DALER Hospital, we are able to offer multi-disciplinary care in the case of cancers and various blood diseases, in collaboration with the relevant experts and major university centres. This extends to curative treatments, which aim to cure the patient, as well as to palliative care, where the emphasis lies on pain relief and making the patient comfortable.

My training incorporates three areas :

  1. Acute care : 2-year training at the University Hospital of Geneva in the Haematology and Oncology departments of Prof. P.-A. MIESCHER (diagnostics) and Prof. B. CHAPPUIS (treatment of "liquid" tumours : Leukaemia, etc.), followed by repeated internships over a 3-year period in the isolation rooms of the 7-EL unit with Prof. F. WALDVOGEL (solid tumours) and extended internships at the Cantonal Hospital of Fribourg as Head of Clinic of G3, responsible for the isolation rooms under the supervision of Dr. P. PUGIN.
  2. Chronic and palliative care : Further education in part through the above-mentioned training periods and in part through complementary training with the Swiss Cancer League.
  3. Tropical medicine : 2-year pre-graduate course, consisting of practical and theoretical classes and annual exams, at the University Hospital of Geneva led by Prof. A. ROUGEMONT and 2-months practical training in Senegal.

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